Mobile Strategy & Consultancy

We focus on your long and short term enterprise goals to develop a strong mobile strategy for your business. Our 5 years of experience across all mobile platforms combines with our diverse industry experience to ensure we can deliver the most case-appropriate solutions for you.

Service Flow


From business needs through to working prototype, working as an extension to your own team. This augmented employment approach gives us the edge over our competitors and puts you firmly in the driving seat.


Why it Works





A good understanding of who your users are and what they need will help us design the screen usage experience and arrange the placement of various functionalities in order to craft an intuitive user journey.


Once we have a clear picture of your audience, it is time to identify how we can help them accomplish their goals. This is where the features analysis comes in.

Clear vision

If you don't have a clear definition of the future state - the "place" where you want to be once you've completed your project, you have a 0% chance of reaching it.


Having a vision of the product will allow us to create a product development strategy. The most cost-effective time to make changes is to request them at the beginning of the process.

Save budget

An early analysis can save up to 50% of what it would cost you during the later stages, as the possibility to confront your ideas with the users' specific needs will allow us to leave out the non-important features.


What About the Budget?

We will give you a fixed price estimate based on the size of your project, which we calculate by evaluating the amount effort involved in completing the analysis phase. The size of the project is defined during the initial proposal stage. Below, you can see estimated figures in hours.



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