Perfect software is measured in creativity, effort and commitment


We have adopted the Agile methodology, working to continually enhance our clients products and services through innovation, openness and discipline.

  • Agile/T&M
  • Waterfall/Fixed Price



Our inclusive approach means our clients benefit from early and continuous delivery, keeping stakeholders informed and onboard.




Development process

We have our development team involved from the beginning of the process - the designers, engineers and project manager. This stimulates collaboration and inclusion from the start, embracing change and innovation from inception through to delivery. The same team that will develop and deliver the solution are involved in the estimation process. This ensures the velocity of the project is accurate and consistent monitoring of progress against the original vision and expectations.




The development process consists of a range of 1-3 weeks iterations, which allows us to collect the feedback regularly, and set the priorities dynamically.
Iterations begin with planning, when we form the sprint backlog. Each day we have stand-up meetings with the team to monitor the current state of the tasks. At the end of each iteration, the team prepares a demonstration for the product owner who is presented with an opportunity to provide feedback which is immediately folded into the following iteration.


Request & NDA

Beginning of Cooperation

The TopAhead win-win strategy starts working as soon as we receive your request. Now you can trust us with your most sensitive ideas and insights, opening up the relationship so that creativity and innovation can flow freely. Our business relations are backed up with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed by TopAhead and a client at the first stage. TopAhead is the safest place for your cutting-edge ideas!


Requirements Analysis and Proposal

Now we can get to work on your requirements and begin the analysis that will ensure the final solution exceeds your business goals. We will create a proposal prepared by our experts, which gives you complete clarity on the whole development process and the final deliverable's.


Conclusion of Agreement

Finally, provided all the questions are settled and both parties agree with the proposal, it is time to sign the Agreement and start turning ideas into a product.


Requirements and Business Analysis

Firstly, our experienced software developers analyze every detail of the project:

  • Challenge your requirements analysis
  • Study your business objectives
  • Categorize requirements to make analysis easier and even more efficient (functional requirements, operational requirements and technical requirements)
  • Identify the best solution based upon your business needs


Defining Development and Marketing Strategy

Before starting any project a long-term strategy is essential and we will gladly provide it either as a separate service or as part of the app development cycle.


High Level Technical Specification

Having received the Purchase Order, the project manager starts defining your project scope. This is a very interactive process to ensure all your requirements and remarks are carefully considered. We offer this service either separately or as part of the whole app development process. Either way you are sure to receive a comprehensive document completed by high caliber specialists with careful consideration of all your requirements.


Design Mock-up and Interaction Program

At this stage we offer design mock-ups and an interaction program of the application:

  • You can use these to compare that the resulting software matches the specification and your vision of it
  • You will get a clearer idea of the end product and either accept it or demand for
    certain changes which we will immediately provide
  • Our team will get valuable feedback from the users early in the project
  • Developers will have some insight into the accuracy of initial project estimates and
    whether the deadlines and milestones proposed can be successfully met


Pre-alpha, Alpha and Beta Version Development

The first stage is called pre-alpha and refers to the initial development resulting in a rough (not feature complete) version of the app. The next step is the alpha version which is functionally complete and has an established server connection. Finally the Beta version.


Manual and Automated Testing Process

The Quality Assurance process is a systematic approach that monitors our software engineering practices and confirms quality at every stage in the software development process. It is driven by passion to ensure that the

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