Idea Analysis & Support

We help small businesses and start-ups to understand all the opportunities available in the mobile space and create the applications useful for their target users. During the analysis we will crash your idea with a reality check. You will have full access to our experience of the projects. The package we create will be ideal for presentation to your potential investors.

We start with analysis of competitive environment and users’ needs, and together with you come to understand what kind of mobile app needs to be created to be successful. At the end of the process you will have a much more confident overview of the mobile market and the possible value your idea can bring to the wider audience.


Mobile App Development, Responsive Web

In the past 5 years we have successfully delivered more than 100 projects for SMB & Startups. We create native mobile apps for any platform as well as make hybrid (cross-platform) apps. We develop websites and their mobile versions and make them responsive.

Web Development


We create stand-alone web solutions on different platforms, including high-load enterprise web applications, Big Data, parallel data processing. We specialize in complex web systems, apps management and the most comprehensive back-end development.

Detailed project analysis, up-to-date solutions, accuracy, high speed and smooth working processes are what delivers great solutions.

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